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Comporta, is one of the most beautiful beach village in Portugal,  just a 50- minutes drive, away from Lisbon.

The Comporta Village is located in the Natural Reserve of Sado Estuary just 5-minutes drive to Comporta beach and just a 20-minutes drive where guests can take the ferry and visit the city of Setúbal.

Comporta is a high-end, laid-back vacation spot,  where celebrities  go to enjoy peaceful moments, where they don´t find anywhere else.

The Village of Comporta, the center of a large farming estate, is surrounded by more than five-dozen modest cabanas and supports itself by growing agricultural products, including rice, which is sold under the brand name Arroz Ceifeira.( Rice Ceifeira)

Welcome to Comporta, Bienvenue à Comporta, Herzlich Wilkommen in Comporta, Bienvenidos a Comporta, Benvenutos a Comporta! 

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