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Cais palafitico da Carrasqueira

In the near to Comporta you have to visit,  something special  the only one in Europe.  Very  picturesque. It is known as Cais Palafítico da Carrasqueira.


Troia Roman Ruins


The Roman Ruins of Tróia are located in the Tróia peninsula, a sand spit between the River Sado estuary and the Caldeira lagoon.


Museu do Arroz



The Rice Museum is located at the entrance to the village of Comporta in Portugal. It is devoted to local rice growing and related traditions.


Troia  Marina and Casino

The TROIA CASINO is a bold, dynamic, innovative and sophisticated space. The innovative design of the gaming area consists of more than 200 slot machines and about 15 gaming tables, with unique technology in Portugal...


Alcácer do Sal

Graciously laid out over the right bank of the Sado river and rising up a gentle slope.

During the Moorish occupation (from the 8th century), Alcácer became capital of the Al-Kasser province



Setúbal was inhabited in ancient times by the Phoenicians, and by the Romans who settled on the south bank of the River Sado (in Tróia, opposite the present town), who called it Cetobriga, from which the name Setúbal is derived.


Ride horses  through


dazzling scenery

The  journey   begins along the rice paddies, through the pine forest and the dunes until the beach .... discover yourself...


Dolphins Watching

With a boat trip through the estuary of the river Sado and Costa da Serra da Arrábida and Tróia to observe the Sado Dolphins, the Corazon Roazes...

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Play Golf

Between Sado Estuary and Arrábida Mountain,TROIA GOLF Championship Course is an 18-hole and 72 parcourse that streches 6,317 metres along the beach,with magnificent views over the sea.

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